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Because IT matters…

In this Digital Age, there are a lot of changes happened to our society due to the continuous advancements and creation of technology. These technologies have played an integral part to our daily lives as it enables us to do our tasks in our own convenient way. When technologies are collectively used for capturing, storing,… Continue reading Because IT matters…

MGT 286 Blog Posts

The Perils of Illegal Replication

Piracy became an alarming issue these days. Software companies who spent a lot of money and time to come up and introduce their highly innovated products to the market which are the main source of the business' income. If privacy continues, the software-producing companies will be facing a great loss from their income. There must be… Continue reading The Perils of Illegal Replication

MGT 286 Blog Posts

IT Security: To outsource or not?

When a business plans to be engaged with outsourcing, managers must have a thorough evaluation on its decisions and choices and should consider what will be its advantages to the business. Once managers have come up with the right reasons, outsourcing will eventually a big help to further improve the business processes and could increase the… Continue reading IT Security: To outsource or not?